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Error When Clicking A Device In Collection

An error occurs when you select a device in a Collection.







In my scenario it happen on a server that is not joined to the domain and sitting in the DMZ zone. It is connecting to a Secondary Site Server that is within the DMZ as well. Only port 80 was opened.

This error occurs because a proper inventory could not be obtained. Check the Ccmexec.log at the affected device on  %\Windows\System32\CCM\Logs\Ccmexec.log and in my case, below was the error.









In our case, we configured WINS to point to our Primary Site Server, and added 2 records in the affected server’s host file. The host file should state the IP address, FQDN and Server Name of both the Primary Site Server and Secondary Site Server. An example as below.                  SCCMServer

Once this was done, a complete inventory was obtained, selecting the device in the collection no longer shows error and we can view the device like any other.


January 18, 2011 - Posted by | System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

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